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Laem Phrom Thep, Phuket, Thailand.

แหลมพรหมเทพ ภูเก็ต |Laem Phrom Thep

The best viewpoint in Phuket! Suitable for watching the sunset. Invited to come together once Then you will be impressed. With a 180 degree view of the blue sky The little boat that sailed – came to the wind to blow away the fresh air. Warm When I saw this place with the naked eye, I was shocked! Beauty, though it is […]

Krabi sea, 4islands, cruise to see the beautiful sea, clear water To jump into the water to see coral

ทะเลกระบี่ 4เกาะ อันซีนสุดๆ ล่องเรือชมทะเลสวยน้ำใส ไปกระโดดลงน้ำดูปะการัง

Andaman sea at Krabi, Thailand., Snorkeling Cruise to see the clear water Take a boat to get a cool breeze. Visit the vast sea view of 4 islands. Krabi sea has many islands. Located in the Andaman Sea zone In the midst of nature within the responsibility of the national park And this time I used the services of […]

Klong Thom Hot Waterfall amid the nature of Krabi


Refreshing body Relax with a hot waterfall dip. In the midst of nature Must travel to relax at “Hot Waterfall”, Khlong Thom, Krabi Province This place is popular with Thai and foreign tourists. Giving popularity to the hot waterfall The temperature is about 35-50 degrees Celsius. The point of hot water comes from the seepage from the surface of the soil […]

Top viewpoint, Temple of the Tiger Temple, Krabi Conquer the stairs up to 1,237 steps

สุดยอดจุดชมวิววัดถ่ำเสือกระบี่ พิชิตบันไดขึ้นไป1,237 ขั้น

Nam Fah Pa Khao is our home, “Tiger Cave Temple”, Krabi Province. Is a place Which tourists prefer to visit With Tiger Cave Temple There are many tourist attractions together. 1. Place to pay homage, pay homage, make merit, signify that the temple must have monks and sacred places for Buddhists to pay homage to Andaman Pavilion, pay homage to […]

The view point of the Samet Nang Chan view of the sun rise amid the large limestone mountains of Phang Nga Bay.


A new perspective in Phang Nga province is becoming a popular tourist destination. “Samed Nang Chan View Point” which is not far from Phuket Along the way, travel to Koh Samet, Nang Phai. You will pass through the beautiful path along with the lush green forest. And upon arrival There will be a car leading you up to the […]

Khao Lam Year National Park Hat Thai Muang Beach, Phang Nga Province

อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาลำปี หาดท้ายเหมืองจังหวัดพังงา

For tourist attractions in Phang Nga Province Can be said that it is popular with tourists. Another place of Phang Nga that must be introduced Khao Lam Year National Park Thai Mueang Beach It is a quiet place, not too busy for many people. And in the midst of the natural jungle, waterfalls, clear water streams and sea beaches that stretch […]

Baan Khiri Wong Ozone, natural atmosphere, mountains and rivers


Head to Khiri Wong Village Nakhon Sri Thammarat Fresh ozone atmosphere Surrounded by mountains And the cool clear stream Is another attraction That is suitable for the relaxation of many people With Khiri Wong Village With a simple calm And the life of the community seems warm Therefore not surprised why tourists come here Khiri Wong Village A small village Is an old community Originally, the community was […]

Hot Spring, Raksawarin Park – Ranong Arboretum


Hot spring, Raksawarin Park, a place to relax in nature That people needing health care must come Or those nearby can come regularly Because access to the service is free of any charges Unless soaked in a personal room In the park, Warin still has clear water streams to play and picnic mats beside beautiful natural streams and shady […]

Wonderful Salty Thom hot spring water is the only place in Thailand.

มหัศจรรย์น้ำพุร้อนเค็มคลองท่อมมีที่เดียวในประเทศไทย จังหวัดกระบี่

Health tourism destinations that anyone Maybe not yet known of Krabi town. Is the miracle of the Klong Thom hot spring, the only place in Thailand. The properties of the body must be pinned here. Amid the nature of the shady mangrove forest and is also a nature study route In the morning, it is suitable for exercising, losing fresh […]

Visit the old town Sino-Portuguese Building, Phuket

เที่ยวชมย่านเมืองเก่าโบราณ อาคารชิโนโปรตุกีส ภูเก็ต

Phuket is also considered to be a city with a long history and prosperity in one of Thailand’s past cities. The prosperity of Phuket, the old Sino-Portuguese building was first built in 1903 due to mining. The mineral that grew makes Chinese and Westerners pouring into Phuket a lot. When traveling to Phuket Municipality At least have to […]