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Wat Khao Angkhan, ancient Khmer civilization


” Wat Khao Angkhan “, a new tourist attraction, linking Phanom Rung Castle – the low town of ancient Khmer civilization See the beautiful three-story church architecture, thousands of years old. Surrounded by 109 Buddha images, located in the mouth of the volcano that is completely closed, 1 in 6 children of the province. High about 320 meters above sea […]

Wat Sirindhornwararam

Sirinthorn Wararam Phupao Temple is located on a high hill. A wonderful tree glowing at night is beautifully set. Have simulated the environment of Pa Himmaphan Temple or Khao Krailas Temple At the top of the mountain, he can see the golden-colored temple. The highlight of the temple is The sight of the glowing green image of the Kalapapruek tree, […]

Charming lifestyle in Chiang Khan, Loei Province


Chiang Khan, Loei Province, a way of life that is charming to the villagers. Feel the warmth of people in the lovely community. Which comes here to experience all kinds of views Whether it is the view of the Mekong River, the sea of ​​fog, the walking street, the nature house Folk food Must come to experience by yourself … […]