Boe Klueng Hotspring, In the midst of warm nature

ธารน้ำร้อนบ่อคลึง ราชบุรี ท่ามกลางธรรมชาติที่แสนอบอุ่น

Small hot stream The nature that is considered to be the nearest hot water stream in Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province. Drive from Bangkok for about 2 hours. Hot water source originated from mineral water seeping from underground water through the stone crevices of the Tanaosri Mountains. Flows down uninterruptedly by a small stream Through the stones, gravel, sand and forest It is about 150 meters down to the hot spring below. The hot spring water here has a Thai atmosphere. Do not expect the beauty like Japan’s onsen, but the benefits of hydrotherapy are worth the trip.

Boe Klueng Hotspring
Thai massage service
Hot mineral water surrounded by nature

Boe Klueng Hotspring is private. The person discovered by Mr Prayoon Monyakul was discovered in 1925. Is a water source that has a higher temperature than the human body flows up from underground. The water that comes up from the stream is about 60 degrees Celsius. The hot water here has no pungent smell. No irritating, clear minerals containing carbon Salt and other minerals less than 1 gram / liter are the most common hot springs found in Thailand. With hot water flowing all year round Even in the dry season, the amount of water flowing will be less and less dry.

Boe Klueng Hotspring There are 3 types of hot springs available: 1. Clay pool and 2. Tile pool 3. Foot bath (free)

Soil pond
  • The earth pond is a pond that the hot stream flows down to simulate like a natural pond. Open space Shade tree Blue water resembling sea water But may not be private because it is open space Outsiders can see The water temperature is around 40-50 degrees Celsius.
  • Tile pool is a pool on the other side. Walk into the ornamental garden Privacy Have a seat to soak in the water, the atmosphere of soaking in the hot mineral water more Temperature around 56 degrees Celsius.
Foot bath
Foot bath
  • Foot bath (free of charge) has 2 points) 1. Small rectangular cement pond 2. Directly at the mouth of the water flow which is releasing hot water from the soil pool to a large pond, it can make cement for sitting in the foot.
Hot streams and nature along the way.
Hot streams and nature along the way.
Pool in the middle of nature

Also recommend walking for a bit more exercise To see the hot stream and nature from the side of the walk about 150 meters, will see shallow hot mineral water streams With beautiful stones 
In the morning or during the cold season, the weather will see beautiful steam. Is a popular photo spot that should not be missed At this point, don’t let your feet soak in the water. Because the hot stream is used as a water supply for villagers

Clay pool:
Thai people – adult fee 30 baht, children 10 baht, 
foreign service – adults 50 baht, children 30 baht

Tile pool:
Thai people – 50 baht for adults, 30 baht 
for children, foreign – 80 baht for children, 50 baht for children. 
Facilities: restaurant, traditional massage, bathrooms, parking place

Room service in Boe Klueng Hotspring:
This is an overnight accommodation service. And tent camping services if staying here Will bathe or soak in the hot mineral water for free. Interested contact tel. 089-9182114. 
Please reserve reservations in advance. For certainty and convenient in service 
Have a campfire and drum speakers Free microphone service …. students in the camp to do activities, bring their own tents, 60 baht / night.

Fan house:
Villa (2 bedrooms) 8 people / house, night = 2,000 baht 
House (3 bedrooms) 12 people / house, night = 2,500-3,500 baht 
House (3 bedrooms) 15 people / house, night = 4,000 baht 
Pine house (3 bedrooms) 20 people / house, night = 5,000 baht

Air-conditioned house:
3-floor air-conditioned house = 8,000 baht / night 
Air-conditioned house, small room for 3 people = 1,500 baht / night

Large tent 8 people / back, night = 1,600 baht 
Large tent 2 people / back, night = 500 baht, 
bring your own tent 140 baht per person

Travel info : Boe Klueng Hotspring
location : 27 Moo 7 wells similar treatment. Suanphung the. Suan Phung. Ratchaburi 
Open : Monday – Friday, 8:00 am. – 17.00. / Saturday – Sunday at 8:00 pm. – 18.00. 
Value. Service : Admission fee 5 baht

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