Ban Pha Sarit Hot Spring Chiang Rai

บ่อน้ำพุร้อนบ้านผาเสริฐ เชียงราย

Relax the body in the middle of the natural forest in Chiang Rai Province “Ban Pha Sarit Hot Spring” with this place is in the midst of nature on the mountains and along the Huai Nam Ron river. Suitable for resting the body that is tired, hard working, so that the body can relax, refresh, learn the way of life of the pig village, ride the elephant, touch the real nature

In front of the hot springs Ban Pha Serit

Phasarit Hot Springs Open to the general public, tourists and those who love health. Keep your body healthy. 
1. Bath service for large outdoor wells (A large pool) 
2. private rooms with mineral water baths, 8 spa systems 
3. central baths for feet (free) 
4. traditional Thai massage services 
5. Rental service, camping, camping (There is a point for spreading the dance.) 
6. Fire camp service is a group.

Food service shop
To boil eggs together
Huai Mak Leam Natural Hot Spring
Foot bath area for everyone No payment
  • Outdoor mineral bath service, adult rate 20 baht, children 10 baht
  • Private mineral bath, spa, rate of 1 person, 50 baht, 2 people 80 baht, 3 people 100 baht
  • Rent a small sleeping tent, 50 baht / night, medium size 100 baht / night, large 150 baht / night
  • Camp fire service for groups Rate according to the number of people using the service 
    Book a mineral bath in advance. Phone 0-5360-9117
Private hot spring room
Garden for relaxation or camping
Thai massage service
Service counter

Nearby attractions

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  • The Akha tribe of the Lahu tribe is able to trekking, traveling and experience nature.
  • Huai Kaew Waterfall Travel rafting along the Kok River from Ban Tha Ton. Or take a long-tail boat to take a sightseeing tour up-down the Kok River

Travel : From Chiang Rai city Use the outstanding five-lane road, Doi Hang road, distance from Chiang Rai city to Pha Sare Hot spring, about 20 km. Convenient transportation

Location : Doi Hang Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Doi Hang Subdistrict, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province Tel. 053-716436 
Map :