Baan Khiri Wong Ozone, natural atmosphere, mountains and rivers


Head to Khiri Wong Village Nakhon Sri Thammarat Fresh ozone atmosphere Surrounded by mountains And the cool clear stream Is another attraction That is suitable for the relaxation of many people With Khiri Wong Village With a simple calm And the life of the community seems warm Therefore not surprised why tourists come here

Khiri Wong Village A small village Is an old community Originally, the community was named “Khun Nam House” because it was located near the watershed of Khao Luang. Later, the name was changed to “Khiri Wong” which is a village within the mountainous enclave.

For traveling to visit the house of Keeree Wong There will be a homestay of villagers in close proximity to nature. And can’t miss if coming during the month July – October of every year, eat fruit full. Because it is a variety of fruit season such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longkong, etc.

Attractions of Khiri Wong Village

  • Ban Khiri Wong Bridge Landmark points for tourists who have already come Check in here Will tell others that you have arrived Most will come to take pictures with the Khiri Wong Bridge. Behind is a river that flows from Khao Luang.
  • Ban Khiri Wong Market Is a village market The food will be of local and general food. Near the Khiriwong Bridge
  • Suspension bridge Is the point that tourists like to take pictures Will see a lush mountain view Looks really refreshing
  • Nan Hin Tha Tha is a river that flows down from Khao Luang. And with large and small stones, beautifully arranged Plus the water flowing into the clear water Cool, cool to play

Getting to relax in Khiri Wong Village Is another place that is suitable for a slow life Escape the chaos or stay tired. Come to release the body, let yourself be rested.

Can travel all year round 
For anyone who wants more information, inquire at the Kamlon Subdistrict Administration Organization. Tel. 075-533111

Location : Ban Khiri Wong View Point, Kamlon Subdistrict, Lan Saka District, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80230 
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