6 check-in points for a scenic view on the island of Phuket that is not to be missed.


This journey is long … which travels from Bangkok – Phuket by car. It takes 12 hours to start traveling at 8:00 pm with private cars. By driving continuously Running with a score of 80 – 120 approximately. But not too tired With 3 members traveling together, changing Traveling is great fun for close friends .. Enjoy all the hilarious ways.

When visiting Phuket, the top viewpoint that is not to be missed Must go all over the island Recommended places to go …

1. Mai Khao Beach, fine white sand beach Clear blue sea water and come to view the landing plane at close range. Takeoff Landing viewpoint, which can take pictures of close views on the plane. The aircraft will have many airlines both within the country and abroad.

Attractions, Mai Khao Beach is another point where everyone comes to Phuket to visit. With a very beautiful sea view In the Andaman Sea zone The sea is very beautiful. And the beach is quiet, the wind blows on the beach, with high pine trees along the green seashore. Not too many people in the morning. Unless it is a holiday Or in the evening There will be a lot of tourists. They want to take pictures of the evening. With a hot atmosphere And have a beautiful sunset view

For planes to fly throughout the day Which the plane will fly to the airport for 10-15 minutes, and there are many airlines alternating before coming to plan the time with to get a beautiful picture and get a beautiful picture with the impression back Yes

2. Phra That In Hang Simulated at Ban Ko Sire Temple For those who like to pay homage to the blessing, do not have to travel to Myanmar. And also a beautiful view point for the sea

3. Turbine Viewpoint Is a place to look comfortable Getting the wind during the evening or the morning is very good Or clear sky The picture is also beautiful.

4. Khao Khad viewpoint Is a viewpoint on the view tower that can be seen around 360 degrees, beautiful at one place

5. Khao Rang View Point Viewpoint of Khao Rang on Khao Klang Mueang Phuket Is a 180-degree viewpoint overlooking the sea and Phuket town

Khao Rang View Point in Phuket Town

6. Phromthep Cape View Point The best viewpoint in Phuket! Suitable for watching the sunset. Invited to come together once Then you will be impressed. With a 180 degree view of the blue sky

Promthep Cape, Phuket | Laem Phrom Thep


  • For tourists Recommend renting a motorbike In traveling to various places Of Phuket Island, super convenient
  • For large groups of families, rent a car or van. To travel to various places in Phuket
  • Traveling to each location using Map Google is extremely convenient.

Location Mai Khao Beach : Mai Khao Subdistrict, Thalang District, Phuket 83110 
Map coordinates : https://goo.gl/maps/kamRCSnXFipoDvf78